VCC //

VCC Brochure Design

Type // Brochure Design
Project Date // 2017
Medium // Print
Software Used // Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

Project Brief //

To create a brochure displaying the catalog of products available from Ventura County Cigar.

With A Long Smooth Finish

This brochure from Ventura County Cigar provides a detailed catalog of the products they currently offer. From a wide range of cigars to pipe tobacco and accessories this catalog shows a detailed list as well as information on the different flavors and sizes that are available.

The project offered me creative freedom to express the style and theme of each brand of cigars, which vary greatly in style with some being more sophisticated than others, some being more outgoing and fun, and some just being plain psycho. I got to work with a photographer on setting up and arranging shots to work with the format of the brochure.

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