Fire //

Fire Album Design

Type // Album Design
Project Date // 2010
Medium // Print
Software Used // Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

Project Brief //

To design an entire album based on one of the 4 elements of Earth.

This Album Is Hot!

After having been selected an element at random, Fire, my goal was to give the album a sense of need/longing to show the importance of fire in our everyday lives. So for the album title I chose to name it “Absence” to set the mood for the viewers before they open and read through the entire album. With a three track LP the lyrics for the songs were laid out throughout the pages of the booklet with the backpage being as if someone had put out the fire.

Opposite of the booklet the disc was designed to contrast the emptiness of the rest of the album as if to be the answer for what the user is looking for.

Behind the track list on the back of the album are a track of footprints leading into the unknown in search of fire.

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