Emotional Translator //

Type // Software & Packaging Design
Project Date // 2010
Medium // Digital & Print
Software Used // Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Project Brief //

To create software based off of a popular artist.

“Art Doesn't Transform. It Just Plain Forms.”

This was a school project that encouraged us to think outside the box of your mundane ordinary software. I wanted my software to be very eye-catching because at the time, software had a very monotonous look to it and mine had to be everything but that. I chose to go with Roy Lichtenstein because his artwork has always been very visually stunning with its bold comic style themes and flashy colors-hence the name “The Roy Lichtenstein Emotional Translator”.

The software is a translator, not an ordinary language translator, but an emotional translator that can take words or text and translate them to be enhanced with one or more different emotions. For instance, if you’re terrible at writing love letters, but your girlfriend loves them all you have to do is write simple sentences that you’d like the translator to pick up on and enhance, choose your emotion and intensity, then hit translate and WHAAM!! You are now a natural Cyrano de Bergerac.

In the professional version of the Emotional Translator, you can use the translator to enhance images like drawings to give them that extra artistic expression that it probably lacks.

Portfolio //