Redbone Zero //

Redbone Zero Logo Design

Type // Branding
Project Date // 2016
Medium // Digital
Software Used // Adobe Illustrator

Game On Sucka!!

With the creation of gamer profiles and gamertags came the opportunity to create your own unique brand that virtually gets shared with the world. Like a brand, a gamertag should represent who you are or what you want your online persona to be. In 2006, I bought an Xbox 360 and was hit with the decision of what my gamertag would be. Of course, like a brand, I wanted my gamertag to be unique, but also a name that I can take pride in and never have to change for any reason. After an hour of pondering, I decided on REDBONE ZERO. The word "redbone" is a term that is used to describe a mixed-race person or a person with mixed-blood ancestry—and also one hell of a band! The term "zero" is a word used to describe someone who is worthless or someone that will never amount to anything, which I felt worked perfectly with the idea of trying to pass on as someone who is dangerous or full of trouble. That's how I decided on REDBONE ZERO with all capital letters to enhance the idea that REDBONE ZERO is no one to be trifle with.

Redbone Zero Logo Design

After 10 years and still going strong as REDBONE ZERO, it deserved a full-on identity with an awesome looking logo. For the design, I wanted something that was strong, but also signified trouble—especially if you were on my opposing team. I started off with a skull to signify death and danger, then I wanted to incorporate the zero somehow in the logo, so after numerous sketches I finally came out with one that satisfied me. I surrounded the skull with a grungy circular stroke to represent the zero, but that still wasn't enough to tell that it was a zero, so I added a femur bone that seems to have been forced through the skull. With the femur bone helping the circle become an actual zero, the skull came to look more menacing and gave a better repesentation of danger.

Redbone Zero Logo Design Mockup

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