Complex Roots //

Complex Roots Font Design

Type // Font Design
Project Date // 2012
Medium // Digital & Print
Software Used // Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign

Project Brief //

To creatively craft a new font.

What A Complex World We Live In

The creation of Complex Roots was a school project that involved a heap of research and discovery. It was meant to utilize our brains and come up with the design of the font based off of ideas and shapes that we come across every day. With the collection of shapes and designs collected over the course of time my font began to develop into what turned out to be a very groovy 1960’s style font.

Once the font was designed and finished, the project required us to create a mood book that visually described the very essence of our font. To give the viewer the intended feeling of the groovy 1960’s I used imagery that would subconsciously describe what the font smells like, tastes like, sounds like etc. Opposite to every page of images are song titles of the 60’s that are spelled out using the Complex Roots font in various creative ways to show the flexibility and freedom the font offers when it comes to design.

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