DjEEP //

DjEEP Website Design

Type // Website Design
Project Date // 2017
Medium // Web
Software Used // Wordpress, Adobe XD & Photoshop

Quality, Made Just For You

Project Brief // To create a Djeep website that would allow people to learn about the quality and safety of the lighters offered by Djeep.

Djeeps website was built to give more insight on the quality and dependability of the lighters created by Djeep as well as the safety features that are built-in. On this website you can find some of the many styles and designs offered by one of the most popular lighter brands in the world.

Wordpress was used as Djeeps primary content management system to make it easy for future updates and changes added by the marketing team members of Djeep.

Portfolio //

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Djeep Website Thumbnail

DjEEP // Website

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