Djarum //

Djarum Package Design

Type // Package Design
Project Date // 2014
Medium // Print
Software Used // Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Project Brief //

To create and design the new e-cigs by djarum in a modern and appealing fashion showing its sleek new style the would go head to head with Blu e-cigarettes.

“None More Black.”

Blu has established themselves as the main electronic cigarette brand in the industry and djarum, who is established in the tobacco industry, had decided to join the e-cig industry and try to take Blu head on. For the task, djarum had to look slicker than Blu and way more appealing. With djarum keeping its same great flavors Blu was sure going to be in for a challenge. I designed the packages and sticks for djarums two flavors: clove tobacco and clove menthol. With the actual product still in production at the time, djarum headquarters in Indonesia claimed this was the best packaging they had ever seen. However, the project ended up falling through and never hit the market.

Portfolio //