Psyko Seven //

Psyko Seven Natural Ad Campaign

Type // Ad Campaign
Project Date // 2016
Medium // Print
Software Used // Adobe Photoshop

Is This Crazy Enough For You?!

Project Brief // To create the new advertising campaign for Psyko Seven cigars using it's name as originally intended to give an eerie theme and feel to the brand without going overboard.

This campaign was created by giving it a very stark and serious tone with the chilling feel of a ghost tale. Unlike many other cigars, this particular one breaks the boundaries of the stereotypical “traditional heritage” cigar by introducing a more out-of-the-box theme to show and prove that great cigars don't have to be old and traditional—they can be modern and out of the ordinary. For the art direction, I wanted to be able to create a certain icon that I can incorporate into all future ads and also into other branches of Psyko Seven ads, such as the Psyko Seven Connecticut campaign. For the icon I went with a crow, because crows are mysterious, scary and usually involved in a lot of superstitions. Psyko Seven Natural Ad Campaign For the direction of the Psyko seven Natural cigars each ad would contain a description of a fictional haunted insane asylum along with a double exposed image of a crow interacting with a cigar. All with very little to no color to enhance the serious tone of the campaign. And although three ads were created for the campaign, only two were used.

As for the Psyko Seven Connecticut campaign—it's the newest line of cigars—called for a darker theme. The direction for the Connecticut line is based on dark areas where light barely escapes. Hence the tagline “Reach into the dark to find the light”. This particular ad shows a deep dark cave with the outline of a crow and light rays shining down on the new cigar by Psyko Seven. Also incorporated are the iconic crows that are seen flying throughout the Psyko Seven campaign. Psyko Seven Connecticut Ad Campaign

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