CSUCI Nurses' Association //

Type // Logo Design
Project Date // 2011
Medium // Digital & Print
Software Used // Adobe Illustrator

Project Brief //

To create a logo for any club, group or organization belonging to CSUCI that currently does not have a logo to represent it.

Go Dolphins!

Not very well known to people is that CSUCI has a great nursing program that contains a large amount of students who go off to care about the health of others and make a difference. So I felt that the Student Nurses' Association deserved a logo that fully represented who they are and what they do. Keeping true to the current style of the CSUCI logo I designed a heart blip to be housed inside of a red circle. I made the blip large as if to be breaking out of it's round housing which I felt was a good representation of the current organization because it's larger than what you think and it's still growing.

CSUCI Nurses' Association Logo Design Mockup

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