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My name is Arturo Cortez and I'm an award winning Graphic and Web Designer based out of Southern California. With over 10 years of experience and 5 design awards I am well versed in the areas of Digital, Print, Video and Motion. I tackle and overcome the challenges you face by coming up with the perfect design solutions.

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Services //

Concept Visuals & Design

I can create conceptual designs and develop art direction for your brand. Covering all areas of print such as stationary design, promotional design, marketing collateral and editorial design, I can also provide digital and physical mockups. Or whether you'd like to take the digital approach, I cover areas such as web, UI and UX design.

Logo & Branding Identity

Through extensive research I can craft and evolve your brand's identity for maximum longevity. Branding Identity is the first element that people see and remember, so your brand has to communicate it's character, it's service and it's tone. The most famous logos rarely change due to how well they've been established—yours should be the same way.

Web Design & Development

I design and develop modern and attractive websites that are pleasing to the eye and also provide a pleasant experience for the user. All websites I create are optimized for mobile viewing and are responsive to all the latest media devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to personal computer screens and high-definition televisions.

Film & Motion Graphics

From motion graphics to visual effects, I provide a wide range of post production services to further communicate what ordinary print cannot do by producing commercialized media to visually communicate your brand or service. I can also provide finishing touches to your film production such as color grading, intro/ending credit sequences or explosions.

Contact //

I enjoy staying busy, so send me a message about your project and what it is that I can do for you and I will promptly get back to you. If you're curious about costs, just ask for a quote. My office is located in sunny Southern California so I'm always nearby.

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